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Recent poems and other things that you can read online:

Mary Biddinger's third full-length collection of poems, A Sunny Place with Adequate Water, has just been published by Black Lawrence Press.

Poems at Escape into Life, from A Sunny Place with Adequate Water.

Three poems at Toad, an awesome new journal.

Two new poems at Anti-.

Three poems at Diode.

"A Genesis" from O Holy Insurgency at Waccamaw. Thanks to the folks at Verse Daily for also making this a web weekly feature.

Two new poems at Devil's Lake.

Advice on balancing parenthood and writing at We Who Are About to Die.

National Poetry Month spotlight
with poem.

News tidbits:

Mary Biddinger will judge this year's Mid-American Review James Wright Poetry Award competition, as well as serving as judge for the 2011 Best of the Net Anthology.

Saint Monica is now available. Some recent reviews:

From The Rumpus: "Biddinger’s repeated returns to haptic perception as a legitimized approach to the divine, or a sense of peace or benediction, amounts to an aesthetic necessity, alongside the necessity of putting iconicity and holy writ in relationship with narrative, reality, and the arbitrary nature of violence, accident, and error." --Virginia Konchan

From Midwest Book Review: "Dropped into the temptations of the modern world, it can be difficult to find a way. "Saint Monica" is a collection of poetry from Mary Biddinger, speaking of the spirit of abuse victims who yearn to take control of their own life once more. With a powerful message, "Saint Monica" speaks of real issues and the lives that so many dismiss as statistics."

From HTML GIANT: " It is a testament to Biddinger’s skill as a manipulator of words and images that it is difficult to write summary of these poems, and not because they resist the reader’s attempt to understand them or to fall into them–Clarity is one of their virtues–but, rather, because once she begins to set everything into motion, the literal surfaces spin a web of attachment that causes the reader to understand many things at once..." --Kyle Minor

Saint Monica appeared on Verse Daily. Hooray.

"My Swagger" appears at Delirious Hem as part of the coolest Advent Calendar ever.

O Holy Insurgency, Mary's second full-length collection of poetry, has been accepted for publication by Black Lawrence Press and will appear in 2013. Stay tuned for futher details about the insurgency.

The amazing Nic Sebastian reads Mary's poem "Miniatures" on Whale Sound.

Mary received an Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Award in Creative Writing, in recognition of her poetry, in Spring 2010. This is her second OAC Individual Excellence Award in the past five years.

Mary's poem "Confluence," originally published in The Journal, appears on Verse Daily.

The Nepotist is one of Mary's friends, apparently. Here are two poems.

The Rumpus features one of Mary's poems as part of its National Poetry Month extravaganza.

"A Very Small House with Elegant Shutters" is featured at NOÖ weekly.

Two poems featured at Thermos, and hopefully making everyone thirsty.

Mary's poem "Miniatures" is selected for Best of the Net 2009.

"Portrait of Myself as a Piece of Red Candy in Your Mouth" appears at The Collagist. A little later, an interview there, too. Thanks, folks.

Speed interview over at Fringe. Check it out (quickly).

How a Poem Happens features an interview with Mary here.

Mary weighs in at Think Music over at Memorious.

Three new poems featured at

Very Like a Whale interviews Mary in the "Ten Questions for Poetry Editors" feature.




Sincere thanks to the Ohio Arts Council for its tremendous support of Mary Biddinger's poetry. O Holy Insurgency and Saint Monica were both written thanks to grants from the OAC.